Tiger Crafts for Kids 

That Spark Imagination

by Karen & Grace Morris

There is nothing fearful about these cute tiger crafts for kids…. Well, maybe your child will use the mask to scare one of their siblings.

Observing and learning about big cats is exciting for kids. Cats are a favorite creature in children’s literature and movies. You can take your children to the zoo or circus to see lions and tigers. But hopefully, with these fun and easy projects, you and your kids will be able to play with tigers anytime.

tiger crafts for kids

A Not so Scary Mask

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to wear a mask. Make this cute tiger mask with some tissue paper and a paper plate.

tiger maskGrrr. Did I scare you?

You will need;

  • Orange tissue paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Black Marker
  • Paper plate
  • Glue

Cut eyes and a nose in the paper plate. Cut various sized pieces out of orange tissue paper. Glue the pieces to the plate so that it covers. Then cut nine thin strips out of black paper. Place three above the eyes and three on each side.  Draw the mouth with a black marker. (When does the tiger roar?)

Puppet Tiger Crafts for Kids

Want to play in the jungle? You can pretend you are a tiger. First, you will need to make the stage.

jungle stageMake a stage for your puppets

For the stage, you will need a large cardboard box, construction paper, and fabric for the curtain.

Cut the bottom out of a box, leaving about two inches on each side and three inches on the top and bottom. On the sides, wrap brown construction paper to make tree trunks. Wrap blue paper around the top to make the sky. Wrap green paper around the bottom to make grass.

Make a sun, clouds, and flowers, or any of your favorite jungle plants out of colorful paper. Decorate them with markers. 

Attach two pieces of fabric with tape to the back for a curtain. (With all the plants, the tigers can hide well. Now where could they be?)

If you didn’t want to make a jungle scene, you could make a circus stage. Cut an empty cottage cheese container down. Turn it over so that the tiger has something to sit on. When you make the puppets, make a puppet lion (tiger) tamer.

With card stock, draw a tiger shape. You can do this by drawing a circle for the head, an oval for the body, a “s” shape for the tail, and rounded rectangles for the legs. Color your tiger. Don’t forget the black stripes.

Next, you will need to cut the tiger to make the puppet. Cut the head off. And attach with a paper fastener. Push in one thumbtack through the head and a straw. Put another one in the body and a straw. Tape a cotton ball on both of the straws where the thumbnail sticks out. (I found this step necessary, otherwise the straws will keep falling, or you will keep poking your fingers.) After you made your tiger, I recommend that you trim the straws just a little bet so that your tiger won’t be too high off the ground.

Make another tiger, or you could make other jungle animals for your scene. Now you are ready to have a puppet show. Don’t forget to invite your mom. Break a leg! (Good luck!)

Paper Mache Tiger

Want a cute tiger that will sit on your desk? I like tiger crafts for kids that use recycled materials. This project uses a water bottle, some construction paper and watered down glue.

water bottle tigerwater bottle tiger

To make the tiger, you will want to make some paper Mache. For the paste, use watered down glue. Poured about one-fourth of a cup of water in an empty cottage cheese container. Then added white glue until the water looked milky.  (Just remember that glue doesn’t taste good. Yuck!)

Then cut orange construction paper into one inch strips. Placed one strip in the glue and then wrapped it around the bottle. It should go around one time. Continued until the side of the bottle was completely covered.

Make a circle and cut a smaller circle out of the center, so you can put over the top of the bottle. Then fold down so that it covered the neck.

Let your tiger sit on a piece of wax paper overnight. The next day, take a black marker and draw stripes. Now we know how the tiger got his stripes!

Draw a three-and-one-half-inch diameter circle with two triangle points on each corner. The triangles are the tiger’s ears. Take strips of black paper and make the facial stripes. Draw on facial features. Glue the face on the bottle cap with white glue. Then place the cap back on the water bottle. 

I hope that our tiger crafts for kids helped drive the boredom from your children.

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