Easy Tree Crafts for Kids

Get ready for fall with these fun tree crafts for kids. All the materials are easy to find and inexpensive.

Fall trees to make

The Clapping Handprint Tree

You can almost hear music with this clapping tree!

handprint tree

You can almost hear music with this clapping tree!

  • What you need;
  • A paper towel roll
  • Fall color construction paper
  • Tape

Have your child trace his or hers hand on construction paper. You will need a print of each hand. Cut the handprints out. I recommend this craft for younger children because you want small hands.  If your older child would like to do this craft have him cut his handprints a few sizes smaller.

Cut the paper towel roll so that it is five-half inches tall. (The rings in the tree tell you how old it is. Whoops we are to cut a paper towel roll not a tree so we can’t count the rings.)

Tape your handprints to the top of the paper towel roll. You will want the hands to face left and right at an angle. This will give an optical illusion that you are seeing whole tree.

Have your child make lots of these trees to make a forest. This craft would be great for creating puppet show scenery.

Pipe Cleaner Tree

The first artificial Christmas trees looked like they were made from pipe cleaners. I thought that this would be a great idea for a fall tree.

pipe cleaner tissue tree

What you will need;

  • Five brown pipe cleaners
  • Plastic wrap roll
  • Fall color tissue paper
  • Tape

Cut the plastic wrap roll so that it stands five inches tall. Poke two small holes it the sides of the plastic wrap roll so that they line up.

You will not need to cut your pipe cleaners. Slide one end in the hole in the roll. Then slide the other end of the pipe cleaner in the other hole in the plastic wrap roll. Do the same for all the pipe cleaner. When all the pipe cleaners are in place, tape around the holes. Blend the pipe cleaners in different directions so that they look like tree limps. (No, trees really can grab you. I have one grab me before.)

Cut small pieces of tissue paper. Crumple it into a ball. Tape various pieces onto the pipe cleaners to make leafs. (Fall trees are beautiful with their orange, red, and yellow leaves. Latter when the leaves fall it is fun to jump in piles of the leaves.)

You can also try to make this same tree in other seasons. You could use green tissue paper for summer or pink for spring. For winter use  sparkly white pipe cleaners for winter. You could even try to make a pipe cleaner Christmas tree! Have fun!

Family Tree

Teach your kids about their family genealogy, then have them make this family tree.

family tree

 you will need;

  • Construction paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Marker
  • Glue stick
  • Index cards
  • A large piece of cardboard (optional)

Organize your family tree by writing everything down on index cards.

Write down facts about each family member. Include where they were born, when they were born (died), and  where they worked. Keep your information in a index box.

When your kids have all the information written down, have them make a tree. Glue your tree onto your construction paper (or cardboard).

With your tissue paper make a large cloud like shape. (This tree has its head in the clouds.)  Glue to the top of the tree. This would be for the people that started your family. Write the names and other information with a marker. (By the way the names on the picture are made up.)

Please note; the markers bleed through tissue paper.  I recommend putting  newspaper or a piece of cardboard on your work area.

Make leaf shapes out of tissue paper. You will want one for each person in your family that you don’t have on the tree yet. Write down the name and/or other information about those people on the leaves. Group them on the branches of your tree from child, to wife, to husband, to child again. Do this until everyone is grouped, glue on.

Make a family tree for everyone in your family. You can also leave some space to add new members.

You tell your kids about some of the history about your family when they are doing this craft. Your kids will like to hear about their ancestors.

Your preschoolers will like these tree crafts for kids. They are easy and both use paint.

Apple Tree

tree with apples

All you need is construction paper, glue, and red paint.

Cut a mushroom from green construction paper. Glue to a background piece.

Give your child a small amount of washable red paint. Have him make apples on the tree by dipping his finger in the paint and making a dot on the tree. (Just like Johnny Appleseed you child cannot stop at one.)

Painted Fork Tree

While looking on the Pinterest I have seen several painting with fork activities. They looked like they would be fun so I tried my own design.

painted fall tree

You will need;

  • Washable fall colored paint
  • Forks for each color of paint
  • Paper

First draw a tree shape on brown paper and cut out. Glue to a sheet of paper.

Next pour a small dab of each color onto a paper plate. Give your child several forks. Show him how to use the forks as paint brushes. (And I thought that forks were only used for eating).

This is so much fun that you may need to provide several trees for your child to paint.

If you made all our tree crafts for kids you would surely have a “forest of no return.”

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