Weaving Crafts for Kids on Homemade Looms

by Karen & Grace Morris

Have you ever wondered how cloth is made? With weaving crafts for kids you will learn how to make simple looms and make cloth with yarn.

weaving crafts for kids

Click the pictures to either make a sun catcher or a blanket.

Woven Sun Catcher

This simple weaving craft for kids uses a paper plate. It looks something like a spider web.

woven sun catcher

For this project you will need;

  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn
cut out center

First cut the center out of your paper plate.

make a hole and add yarn

Punch a hole on the inside at the top and bottom of the plate.

Cut a piece of yarn that is long enough to thread through the holes and tie.

add holes at 3 and 9

Now pretend that your plate is a clock. Where the three and nine would be, punch a hole. Thread a piece of yarn through the holes and tie. For younger kids you could write the numbers down on the plate for them to see.

make more holes and add yarn

Make a hole between 12 and 3. Also, make a hole between 6 and 9. Thread yarn through these holes.

make 2 more holes

Make two more holes. One hole is between 3 and 6. Then other hole is between 9 and 12. Thread yarn through the holes. You should have four pieces of yarn.

Weave in yarn

Next take a long piece of yarn and go under and over the threads in the center of the plate. Sometimes you will have to go under two pieces of yarn so that you can continue the pattern.

When you are finished weaving, make a hanger and place in your window.

Loom Weaving Crafts for Kids

Here is a small loom that uses household materials.

how to use your weaving

You will need;

  • Thin cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Yarn
cut a piece of cardboard

Cut a piece of cardboard. Mine was 5 by 5 inches. You could make a larger or smaller one if you want.

On two sides of the cardboard make small sits. Mine are 1/2 inch apart and 1/2 inch down.

add yarn to loom

Cut yarn a little longer than the cardboard.

Fit the yarn into the slit.

tie the yarn onto the loom

Tie every two pieces together tight to the cardboard, but not tight enough to bend it. This will be your warp.

thread yarn over and under

Cut yarn about 2 inches longer than your cardboard. Mine was 8 inches long. I also used thirty pieces of yarn.

Thread the yarn over and under the warp threads.

add another piece of yarn and tie

Thread another piece of yarn under and over the warp. Tie the two yarn pieces together, but not too tight.

continue adding yarn

Continue until your loom is filled with yarn.

remove from loom

Remove the woven piece from the loom.

This could be used as a coaster or a blanket for a small doll.


Weaving is taking tread or yarn and making cloth. It is usually done on a loom.

The warp threads run lengthwise. They are the threads that are attracted to the loom. The thread that is woven over and under the warp is called the weft.

There are several ways to use this technique. The three most common is the plain weave, satin weave, or twill.

Some methods make simple designs. While other methods can make complicated patterns or decorative designs.

Most civilizations did weave. Some of the old looms took two people to operate. 

Over and under, round and round don’t stop until your weaving crafts for kids are complete!

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