Fluffy Pompom Crafts and Creatures

by Karen & Grace Morris

Monsters! Dust bunnies! Creatures of the dark! Use pompom crafts to make your own!

Pompoms are used for many things. Large ones are used in cheer-leading; small ones are used on clothes and home decorations. Here, your kids will have a blast making animals and other creatures. They will even learn how to make their own fluffy balls.

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Dust Bunnies

Remember the little balls of dust that collect under your bed? Well, here are cute bunnies that you can make with yarn.

yarn dust bunnies

You will need;

  • Fork
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Small wiggly eyes
add string to fork

To make a pompom, place a piece of yarn in the center of the fork. Hold the yarn next to fork handle.

wrap yarn around fork

Wrap yarn around the fork. Go around at least two times. The more you do, the thicker the pompom will be.

tie the yarn

Bring the yarn that you are holding up to the top of the fork and tie the ends.

slip yarn off fork

Slip the yarn bundle off the fork.

cut the loops

Cut the yarn loops on both sides.

fluff and cut long strings

Fluff the pompom with your hands.

Trim off long pieces of yarn.

Yarn dust bunnies

Add eyes and your bunny is done. Just don’t hide it under your bed. He is so cute that he deserves a spot on your desk.

By the way, the three bunnies above are made with different yarn. The blue bunny is with cotton yarn, the yellow one is a fluffy baby yarn, and the red one is with worsted weight.

wrap yarn around two prongs of the fork

To make a tiny ball, use only two of the fork prongs.

fork mini pompom

You could use this for animal noses.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

You will need;

  • Thin cardboard
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Sequins
  • Glue
wrap a cut piece of yarn around cardboard

Cut a piece of cardboard 1 by 6 inches. The width will determine the size of the pompom.

Cut a piece of yarn twice the length of the cardboard. Loop the yarn around the cardboard.

wrap with yarn

Wrap the yarn over the cardboard from one end to the other. Wrap two or three times. You want enough yarn so that the pompom is fluffy.

Cut the end of the yarn.

bend cardboard tie yarn in center

With the yarn that is in the center, hold one end. At the loop end, pull the yarn. You will have two cut ends. Tie the ends together.

cut the loops

When the yarn is off the cardboard and you have a circle, cut the loops. Leave the long center yarn for sewing.

To finish the Christmas tree, make a total of six pompoms.

sew the pompom together

With a yarn needle and yarn, sew the pompoms together.

add sequins

Sew the six pompoms in a triangular shape.

Add sequins for decorations.

Find more Christmas pompom crafts here. Your kids can make a wreath.

Mop Monster

yarn monsters

This cute monster is a little different from the traditional pompom.

You will need;

  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Yarn
  • Large wiggly eyes
measure paper towel roll

With a ruler, measure 3 inches on paper towel roll. Make a mark. Measure the paper towel roll two more times.

tape the roll together

Cut on the marks. You should have three 3 inch pieces.

Tape the three pieces together in a line.

wrap with yarn

Wrap yarn about 100 times around the rolls. Don’t wrap too tight. You don’t want to flatten your rolls.

with a piece of yarn tie the loops

When you have enough yarn wrapped around the rolls, cut the end. Cut a 5-inch piece of yarn and slide it between the yarn and paper roll. Bring the piece of yarn to the top. Tie the ends together and make a knot. Cut the bottom loops.

cut loops

Cut the bottom loops.

Repeat the directions and make another pompom.

tie the two pompom together

Place the pompom under the other pompom. Tie the two together.

add eyes

Add eyes.

Store Bought

Here are some creatures that you can make with store-bought pompoms. You can find them in a variety of sizes from tiny to large, although you can make larger ones with yarn.

sizes of store bought pompoms
sparkly pompom sizes

The Red Nose Mouse Pompom Crafts

mouse made with pompoms


mouse supplies

The types of pompoms you will need are;

  • 1 medium white
  • 1 small white
  • 2 tiny white sparkly
  • 2 mini white sparkly
  • 1 mini red sparkly

The other materials you will need;

  • A piece of white yarn about 5 1/2 inches long
  • Tacky glue
glue two pompom together

With tacky glue, glue the medium white pompom to the small white pompom. The bigger one is the body and the smaller one is the head.

glue on ears

Glue the two tiny white sparkly ones between the head and body of the mouse. These will be the ears.

glue on the eyes

Now glue the two mini white sparkly ones to the top of the head. These will be the eyes.

add the nose

For the nose, glue on the red mini sparkly pompom to the front of the head.

add the yarn tail

To finish your mouse, glue on your piece of yarn to the end of the body. Let him dry and he is all done!

Little Bunny Hop-hop


Your little bunny might not hop around, but he would be great on the table.


bunny supplies

The types of pompoms you will need are;

  • 1 medium white sparkly
  • 1 small white sparkly
  • 1 very small white sparkly

The other materials you will need;

  • 2 small pieces of white sparkly pipe cleaners, each being about 1 1/2 inches long
  • Tacky glue
glue two pompoms together

With your tacky glue, glue the medium and the small pompom each other like you are making a snowman. The larger one is the body and the smaller one is the head.

add tail

Now glue your very small pompom toward the bottom of the body. This will be the tail.

add ears

For the ears, take both of your pipe cleaners and bend them. Stick them into the top of the head and glue. The head might try to fall off of the body. So you might need to glue it back on and hold it there for a few minutes.

Let dry overnight.


pompom lady bug

This little lady would look great near your houseplants.

You will need;

ladybug supplies

The types of pompoms you will need are;

  • 1 medium red sparkly
  • 1 small purple sparkly
  • 2 mini green sparkly

You will also need;

  • Tacky glue

glue the red and purple pompoms together

First glue your medium pompom to the small one.

add green eyes

Glue your two mini green ones between the purple and red pompoms.

Let dry overnight.

Pompom Crafts Birds

pompom birds

“Tweet, tweet.” The birdies say. You make one and you make ten, and soon you found out that you made twenty of them.


  • 2 small pompoms
  • Scraps of construction paper
  • Glue
cut paper pieces

Draw an “E” shape on yellow or orange construction paper. Round the back of the “E”, so that it looks like a bird’s foot.  Cut a folded piece of paper into a triangle for the bird’s beak. Use a hole punch to make eyes.

glue together

Glue two pompoms together.

add feet, beak, and eyes

Glue on the feet and facial features. (The early bird gets the worm!)

Soon you won’t have to worry about any monsters under your bed or in the dark. Your kids will have thousands of little creatures all over the house when they learn to make pompom crafts.

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