Handmade Christian Ornament Crafts

by Karen & Grace Morris

Decorate the tree with Christian ornament crafts. The crafts are appropriate for children's church or Sunday school. The kids can make Bible characters that represent the Christmas story found in the Gospels of Mathew and Luke. 

Or make 3D ornaments. They are easy enough for preschoolers to do. All they have to do is cut, fold, and glue.

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To make the nativity scene ornaments, you will need some felt and craft sticks. The star, bauble, and bell are made with construction paper.

Nativity Crafts for Sunday School

Have fun making these Christian ornament crafts out of Popsicle sticks. You can hang Joseph, Mary with baby Jesus, a shepherd, an angel, and the wise men on a Christmas tree. 

Before you make the ornament, read the story found in the Gospel of Luke chapter two.

Directions for the Robe

robe materials

The robes are all made the same for each of the characters. Cut a felt rectangle 7 by 2 inches. Fold in half and make a small slit for the craft stick to go through.

Also, cut a thin strip approximately 1/4 by 6 inches from the matching felt for the belt. The belt can be a little wider and longer. Don't make it too thin because it will break when you tie it.

Also, for each character, cut a 12-inch piece of craft string. Tie the ends into a knot for a hanger.

Joseph, Mary, Shepherd, Angel, Wise men



Joseph was the husband of Mary.

You will need;

  • Popsicle stick (craft stick)
  • Felt
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Craft string

Make the robe and belt. 

add the arms to the felt

Fold a 6-inch piece of pipe cleaner in half. Slip the string in the center. Place the pipe cleaner behind the craft stick. Thread the string through the hole in the felt.

add the belt to Joseph

Tie the thin piece of felt around the rectangle like a belt.

Fold the pipe cleaners to look like arms.

Mary and Baby Jesus

Mary and baby Jesus Christmas tree Ornament

Mary gave birth to a son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths.

Christian ornament crafts would not be complete without Mary and baby Jesus.


  • Craft sticks
  • Felt
  • Small wooden bead
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Tacky Glue
supplies for Mary and Jesus

Cut a rectangle like above.

Cut another rectangle 2 1/4 by 2 inches from the same color for the hood. Make a small slit in the center of the hood for the craft string to go through.

Cut a piece of craft string 12 inches.

Cut a 2 3/4 by 2 1/4 inch rectangle for the blanket. 

add the pipe cleaner to the bead

To make Baby Jesus, place both ends of the black pipe cleaner through the holes in the wooden bead. Twist the ends together. 

Bend the loop some

Bend the loop of the pipe cleaner so that it is slightly smaller and thinner. 

add glue the hold with clothespins

Slip the craft stick in the slit of the larger rectangle. Place the smaller rectangle behind the robe and Popsicle stick. Add a drop of tacky glue to the top sides of the robe. Fold the corners of the smaller rectangle over the sides and into the glue. Use clothespins or place the figurine under a heavy object and let the glue dry.

Wrap the blanket around the baby. Add a drop of glue to the corner. Add a clothespin so that it will stick.

add the string to the ornament

After the glue is dry, add the craft string to the center of the pipe cleaner. Place the pipe cleaner behind the craft stick. Poke the craft string through the hole in the hood. 

place baby Jesus in Mary's arms

Place Baby Jesus in the arms of Mary.


shepherd ornament

There were shepherds in the fields guarding their flocks.

You will need;

  • Craft stick
  • Felt not brown
  • craft string
  • Brown 12 inch pipe cleaner
  • Pipe cleaner to match the felt
make the shepherd

Make the robe and belt. See above for directions.

Put the craft stick in the hole in the felt.

Fold a 6-inch piece of pipe cleaner in half for the arms. Add the string to the center of the pipe cleaner.

bend a 12 inch pipe cleaner in half

Pull the craft string through the hole in the felt. Bend the arms to the front.

Fold a 12-inch brown pipe cleaner in half. 

make the cane and add to the shepherd

Twist the two ends together. At the folded end, bend, to make a cane. 

Add the cane to one of the arms on your shepherd.


angel ornament

An angel of the Lord appeared among the shepherds.


  • Craft stick
  • White felt
  • Scissors
  • 12-inch sparkly pipe cleaner
  • 6-inch white pipe cleaner
  • craft string
  • 6-inch gold pipe cleaner 
  • 6-inch gold or silver pipe cleaner
  • Lace
add the robe to the angel

From white felt, cut the belt and robe. See above for directions.

Place the pipe cleaner and string behind the craft stick. Thread the craft string through the hole in the rectangle.

Add the belt, tie it around the rectangle to make the robe.

cut a 12 inch piece of lace

Cut a piece of lace 12 inches.

fold the lace around the pipe cleaner

Fold a sparkly pipe cleaner into two oval shapes for the wings.

Wrap the lace around the sparkly pipe cleaner.

Twist a 6-inch piece of pipe cleaner around the center of the wings.

add the end of the pipe cleaner to the back of the belt

Slip the end of the pipe cleaner in the back of the belt.

make the halo

Wrap the end of a 6-inch piece of gold pipe cleaner around your finger to make the halo. 

add the end of the halo to the belt

Slip the pipe cleaner through the belt.

Wise Men

wise men Christmas tree ornaments

After Jesus was born, wise men came from the east asking about the child. You can read the story in Mathew chapter 2.

You will need;

  • 3 craft sticks
  • 3 different colors of felt
  • Pipe cleaners to match the felt
  • Craft string
  • 3 gold beads
  • An oval button
  • An oval bead or another button
  • Bead the same color as the oval bead
  • Gold and silver pipe cleaners
  • Tacky glue
make the robes

See above for how to make the belt and robes.

You will also need pipe cleaners to match the felt. Two of the pipe cleaners are 6 inches. The last one is 12 inches.

For each wise man, place the hanger in the center of the pipe cleaner. Place the pipe cleaner behind the Popsicle stick.

Tie the thin strip of felt over the robe for a belt. 

add the gold, frankincense, and myrrh

Add three gold beads to a 6-inch pipe cleaner. Next, thread the other end of the pipe cleaner in the beads. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaners together.

Now thread a button on the arms of another wise man. Bend the end so it will not come off. Place the other end of the pipe cleaner under it.

On the 12-inch pipe cleaner, add the oval bead. Add the matching bead to the top. Bend the pipe cleaner from the top of the bead to the bottom of the oval and twist. 

Wrap the other end around near the bottom of the bead and twist. Cut the extra piece off. 

add the crowns

You will want to make a crown for each of your wise men. Wrap a gold or silver pipe cleaner around the top of the craft stick twice. Take the crown off. Add a drop of glue to the front of the craft stick. Slip the crown over the glue.

More nativity crafts. These Christian ornament crafts can decorate more than just the tree.

Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Preschool

paper 3D ornamenets

Make easy 3D paper Christmas ornament Crafts. Just draw a bell or bauble on paper, fold, and glue. Or you could simply download the PDF. The PDF also includes a star.

You will need;

copy of PDF

You can either download the PDF with the bell, bauble, and star or make your own using construction paper.


3D paper bell
use the template to make the bell

Fold a 4-inch piece of paper in half. On the top, draw a “c” shape. From the end of the “c” draw a line at an angle about 2 1/4 inches. Then draw a small line down. Next, draw a line back to the fold. Just before the fold, draw another “c” shape. It should look something like half of a bell. 

Or you could use the downloadable bell and a template.

Cut on your lines.

write the message on the bell

Open the bell shapes and write Good News. 

glue the sides together

Fold the shapes on the fold line. Make sure the words are on the inside.

Glue the sides together with a glue stick. Before gluing the last side, add a hanger made from craft string. Then glue the ends together. 


3D bauble

Use the pattern or make your own with construction paper.

draw a bauble

The bauble is made similar to a bell. Fold three pieces of paper in half. Draw a large “c” shape. At the top of the “c” shape make a small rectangle. (By the way, this bauble is larger than the template.)

cut the shapes out

Cut your shapes out.

write the message on the inside

On the inside write Jesus. On another shape write Savior. On the third shape write Son of God.

glue the sides

Fold the shapes back up and glue the sides with glue.


3D star

The easiest way to make the star is to download and print the page on colored paper. 

cut the stars from colored paper

Cut along the lines.

fold in half and glue the side together

Then fold it in half. Glue the halves together. Add a string hanger in the center. Then glue the last side together.

Hang your Christian ornament crafts on the tree. When you have an opportunity, tell others the meaning of Christmas.


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