Crab Crafts for Kids Easy

by Karen & Grace Morris

Studying about the Oceans? Make this crab crafts for kids out of an inexpensive small drinking cup and some paper.


Not all crabs live in the ocean although you might find one on the beach. Some live in fresh water, while other even live on the land. They can even be found in outer space! There is a constellation named Cancer. Cancer is Latin for crab.

How many times can you say “crabby crab critter”?


  • 3 oz. paper cup
  • Red and black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make Crab Crafts for Kids

cut pieces to cover cup

Trace around bottom of the cup on red paper. Cut the paper circle out and glue to the bottom of the cup. Cut two pieces of red construction paper 2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

glue the pieces

Glue the paper to the sides of the cup (don’t drink me!). I found that using two pieces of paper covered the cup better. The pieces will overlap some.

Not all of these creatures are red. The Dungeness crab is a purple color with white claws. I have seen pictures of tan ones. Some even have blue claws.

Did you know that not all creatures with the name “crab” are a true crab? Two examples are the hermit crab and king crab. There are others.

cut pinchers

To make pinchers, cut an oval, with a rectangle on the end out of red paper. On the other end of the shape cut a circular rectangle from the center. You will need two pincher shapes. (Sorry you won’t be able to pinch anyone with these pinchers.)

Attach the pinchers to the sides of the cup with glue.

To talk to other crabs they will drum or wave their pincers.

make eyes

Use a hole punch on black paper to make eyes, glue to the side of the cup.

Have your crab walk sideways. This is the way they walk in real life. It is because of the way their legs move. Try walking sideways with your children like a crab for a day. I bet it will cause a lot of laughter.

Our crab craft for kids doesn’t have any legs. Did you know that in real life they have ten legs? 

An interesting fact that I found on Wikipedia is that they will work together to protect family members and provide food.

Make several crab crafts for kids. They will look nice sitting in a beach display of starfish and seashells.

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