Sandcastle Craft Fit for a King

by Karen & Grace Morris

Not going to a sandy beach this year? Your kids can make a sandcastle craft using recycled materials.

sandcastle craft

If you go to a beach the best sand to use to make a sculpture at the beach has some silt and clay that helps glue the sand together.

Supplies you will need;

  • A two pound Velveeta cheese box
  • 2 Chrystal Light containers
  • White glue
  • Glue stick
  • Tacky glue
  • Tape
  • Yellow, white, red, blue paper
  • Salt
  • Shell pasta
  • Small wooden dowel
  • Star stickers
  • Thin cardboard

Directions for the Sandcastle Craft

cut the box

Shorten the Velveeta cheese box by cutting off one end so that it measures 4 1/2 inches long.

tape box

Next place the smaller piece that you cut off in the 4 1/2 piece, it should fit inside. It will be the end of the box.

Tape the end piece so it stays. Place the top on the box and tape.

cover box with paper

Cover the box with yellow paper. Use white glue. The bottom doesn’t need to be covered.

cover the containers with paper

Cover the sides and top of the Crystal Light containers with yellow paper.

cover cardboard

Cut the thin cardboard 3 1/2 inches by 11 inches. Cover the top with yellow paper.

glue everything together

Arrange the Velveeta cheese box and the Crystal Light containers on the cardboard to make the sandcastle.

Glue the bottoms of the box and containers with tacky glue. Let your sandcastle dry overnight.

Make a flag. I made a United States flag.

Here are some other ideas;

  • your country flag
  • your state flag
  • a pirate flag
  • Or a flag of your imagination

How to make a U. S. Flag

make flag

To make a United States flag use white paper as the base and red paper for stripes and blue paper for a square in the corner. Glued the flag pieces together with a glue stick.

put flag on dowel

On the blue square stick on some silver stars stickers. Cut two slits in the flag so that you can attach it to the dowel. Use some tape to secure the flag. 

Attach your flag to the sandcastle by using the dowel to poke a hole in the Velveeta cheese box.

finish your castle

add salt

Now make your castle sandy. On the top of the containers, box, and thin cardboard place some white glue. Sprinkle salt before the glue dries. Don’t use too much salt. You don’t want your creation to look salty. Let it dry.

Now place glue and salt on one side. Let it dry. When it is dry do the other side.

add pasta

Decorate your sandcastle with shell pasta. Use tacky glue to attach the shells. You could dye the pasta a different color; you can find the recipe here.

Now your sandcastle craft is fit for kings and queens!

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