Octopus Crafts for Kids Helps Develop Fine Motor Control

by Karen & Grace Morris

This octopus crafts for kids wants to play a game. You can count how many bead it takes for each arm.

(Also did you know that stringing beads is good for developing fine motor control?)

octopus craft

Did you know that in real life they seem to play? When held in captivity they like to release bottles and balls then catching them again.

Some people even keep them as pets. However they easily become bored and like to escape their tanks. But they are very smart. I have heard that some likes to be petted and will recognize you as its keeper.

The Octopus has eight arms all the better to hug you. When they are frighten they sometimes will squirt out ink, camouflage in their surroundings, or they will turn red with white spots that look like eyes. They are also very fast in the water and can hide very quickly.

For octopus crafts for kids you will need;

  • 3 oz paper cup
  • A small piece of tissue paper
  • Cotton ball (triple size)
  • Tape
  • Craft string
  • 88 pony beads
  • Small pieces of red and black paper

Directions for Making Octopus Crafts for Kids

cut cup add cotton

Cut the top off a small cup. My cup had a line near the bottom that I cut on. It will be about 5/8 inches tall. Glue a cotton ball on the bottom.

cover with tissue paper

Cover the cup with pink tissue paper (or any color you want. Real octopus can blend into their surroundings). The tissue should extend beyond the bottom of the cup about 1 inch.

tape ends

Pinch the ends of the tissue together and secure with tape.

use a hole punch

With a hole punch make eight holes in the side of the cup. (The reason octopus are called octopus is that octo is Latin for eight.)


Count out 88 beads.

add first bead

Cut a piece of string 12 inches long. Place one bead in the center of the string.

add more beads

Hold both ends of the string together and thread through the next bead. Continue threading beads onto your doubled string until you have nine beads. (The first bead does not count).

add one more bead

Take another bead. Thread one end through one side of the bead. Then take the other thread and place it through the opposite side of the bead. Tie the ends together.

(Some octopus has been seen to use coconut shells to make a shelter.)

put arm on octopus

Now thread the string through one of the holes on the cup. Make a knot to secure.

almost finished

Continue until you have eight arms.

add face

Hole punch two black eyes out of black paper. Cut a mouth shape out of red paper. Glue to the cup.

They can to get through tight spaces. Sometimes they escape their aquarium to go to another one to find food. I would keep an eye on your octopus craft for kids!

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