The Blue Jellyfish Craft

by Karen & Grace Morris

Don’t through that water bottle away! Use it to make a cute jellyfish craft. You could even save ribbon from packages. Then you would only have to buy markers and tape.

Jellyfish Craft

Do you think mermaids eat jellyfish sandwiches? Actually some humans eat jellyfish. It is a delicacy in China, Japan, and Korea. Ours is not good to eat, but they are fun to make and look at!

To Make a Jellyfish Craft You Will Need;

  • Empty dry water bottle
  • Blue permanent marker (Or the color of your choice)
  • Ribbon
  • Tape


cut water bottle

Cut the bottom of an empty water bottle off. The bottom piece will become the body of your jellyfish.

Does yours have a clover-leaf design? Not all water bottles do but that is okay. You can still use it.

color your bottle

Color this piece with a permanent marker. Careful, as the marks on the water bottle will smear; when it dries it will be fine.

Some jellyfish even glow, try using glow in the dark paint and put it in a dark room.

cut ribbon

Cut four or so long pieces of ribbon. You don’t need to make them 100 feet; you just need to make them about 24 inches. The picture only shows two pieces of ribbon. You will need at least four.

add ribbon

Fold the ribbon in half and tape to the inside of the bottom of the bottle.

You might want to put a hole in the water bottle so you can attach a hanger.

Then you can hang your jellyfish craft from the ceiling.

Facts about Jellyfish

You can find them in every ocean from shallow waters to the deep sea.

Did you know that there are 200 different types? They come in different sizes. Some are very small and the largest is more than 2 meters in diameter.

The largest one has over a thousand tentacles. Its tentacles can reach 100 feet in length.

The color of the animal is caused by the pigments of micro-organisms that live with them. Jellyfish can appear green, brown, blue, pink, or red. Sometimes the color changes as the animals grow older.

The moon jellyfish is the most common in the world. The dome has four-leaf-clover shape design on the top just like some water bottles. This is one reason we made ours blue. When it matures, it changes to a purple shade.
Sometimes the moon jellyfish can be pink.

Before you make this craft you might want to look at some pictures first. They are really quite pretty. Or go to an aquarium and watch them swimming in the water. They are amazing creatures.

Making a jellyfish craft is a way to remember these creatures of the sea.

Here is another one you might like to make, using a coffee filter and a marker.

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